CarGuard911 will keep track of your vehicle. If anything goes wrong, we will send a licensed security guard to recover your vehicle FOR FREE.

GPS Tracking

A GPS will be hardwired into your vehicle. It will constantly keep track of your car in the background.

We Will Find it

The FBI reported 765,484 thefts of motor vehicles nationwide in 2016.


In case of an emergency, you alert us and we will recover your vehicle free of charge.


You decide to be more responsible with your vehicle.

Whether you have a personal car, a fleet of work trucks, or a new driver, CarGuard911 will take things to the next level of security.

We install a GPS.

From the day we hardwire the GPS into your vehicle, you will be able to track its location at all times. You can track it from a smart phone, the computer at work, or a tablet from your couch. The freedom is yours.

If things go wrong?

Let's just say one day you look outside and your car is gone. Instead of panicking, call CarGuard911.

We Will Track Your Car.

We will hop on our advanced tracking portal and find your vehicle. But, it gets better. We will also go get it.

Send a Licensed Guard.

We will send a licensed security guard to retrieve your vehicle. Crisis avoided.

"The GPS service is amazing, and I have peace of mind knowing that my car will be located and picked up for me if it goes missing."
melissa woo

how to get started?

How To Get Started?

  1. Go to and purchase a GPS tracking kit.
  2. Call us and make an appointment to hardwire it into your vehicle.
  3. CarGuard only costs $4.99/ month!


Get 10% OFF Investigative Services after becoming a CarGuard911 Customer. Valid for one time use per lifespan of membership. Visit today to learn about our investigative offers.


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What our clients say

Michelle Krug

Michelle Krug

Bakery Owner

"We have no regrets! Purchased GPS trackers with CarGuard911 for all of my delivery vehicles. When we get a new truck, we add these services everytime"

Mike Depolli

Mike Depolli


"We purchased our twin daughters cars for their 17th birthdays. We also bought GPS trackers and CarGuard911 for each vehicle. Great buy."

Kat McMahon

Kat McMahon


"There are similar products on the market for thousands of dollars! This only cost me an additional $4.99/month. I will refer everyone I know."